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original - AN-CANIN - terminat - nu este publicat - INDISPONIBIL
original - AN CANIN 2 -abandonat
original - Enjoy The Ride - ABANDONAT - valabil online - http://miruna-lavinia.deviantart.com/gallery/35460674
fan-book - Under your Nose BBC SHERLOCK - abandonat - INDISPONIBIL
fan-book - The Hobbit - Corruption of dreams - terminat - nu este publicat - valabil online - http://miruna-lavinia.deviantart.com/gallery/44265406

Dies ist Krieg Volume 1 Glaubigkeit Huter
 photo LastScancoperta2copycopycopycopyzs_zps6a5a0db7.jpg
Photobucket"Dies ist Krieg" is an ongoing project.
:star:Volume 1 - Gläubigkeit Hüter
You are free to read it online, except it's in Romanian,
but please take a look:http://glaubigkeithuter.smackjeeves.com/comics/1224054/cover-book/
:star:Purchase it from here: http://www.mangashop.ro/reviste/dies-ist-krieg/dies-ist-krieg-vol-1-gl-ubigkeit-h-ter

Volume 1 available in English:
Chapter 1: read online here: http://diesistkriegseries.smackjeeves.com/comics/1554069/cover-for-volume-1/
Chapter 2: read online here: http://diesistkriegseries.smackjeeves.com/comics/1555407/page-17/
Chapter 3: read online here: http://diesistkriegseries.smackjeeves.com/comics/1558556/page-33/
Chapter 4: read online here: http://diesistkriegseries.smackjeeves.com/comics/1570435/page-42/

Dies ist Krieg manga vol1 SOLD by Miruna-Lavinia on deviantART

Dies ist Krieg Volume 2 - Revolta in Colivie
 photo Coperta1copycopycopygbbbbccc.jpg
:star:Volume 2 - Revoltă în Colivie
You are free to read it online, except it's in Romanian,
but please take a look: http://revoltaincolivie.smackjeeves.com/comics/1358447/revolta-in-colivie-cover/
:star:Purchase it from here: http://www.mangashop.ro/made-in-ro/dies-ist-krieg/dies-ist-krieg-vol-2-revolt--n-colivie

Volume 2 in English - Coming soon

Dies ist Krieg manga vol2 by Miruna-Lavinia on deviantART

Jurnal de Cadet
 photo Coperta_zpsd4adcf8b.jpg
buy it: http://www.mangashop.ro/made-in-ro/mangazen-rush/mangazen-rush-nr-2-shonen-rush (purchase)
http://www.mangashop.ro/made-in-ro/mangazen-rush/mangazen-rush-nr-3 (purchase)
Jurnal de Cadet it's a story about 4 cadets out of 10, who are encountering corruption because one of them read the curse out of a journal, so for that they must sacrifice what they got best, their lives.

Jurnal de Cadet manga by Miruna-Lavinia on deviantART

Shot Yourself in the Foot Again
 photo copertapag1_zpsa3183279.jpg
but it: http://www.mangashop.ro/made-in-ro/mangazen-rush/mangazen-rush-nr-4 (purchase)
http://www.mangazen.ro/index.php?name=Rush (online reading)
It's based on a real story, its production was inspired by a song by Example feat.Skeam (dubstep), about the artist of this story encountering a man, with a friendship of 4 years and it evolved into something else: desire. One night stand and loneliness turns to be a difficult stage of life.

Shot yourself in the foot again - oneshot manga by Miruna-Lavinia on deviantART

Warsaw Dream
 photo coperta_zpsb646bfc4.jpg
buy it: http://www.mangashop.ro/made-in-ro/mangazen-rush/mangazen-rush-nr-5
A world war 2 vampire story. Albrecht is desperate to find his creator, but he finds out someone killed him, and creates a new vampire by biting a kid from the streets of Warsaw. In Lezaky, Albrecht finds out the truth from his creator, Zion.

Warsaw Dream - one-shot manga by Miruna-Lavinia on deviantART

 photo 55_zpsbf8803d2.jpg
-no links available-
The last story published in MangaZen Rush, it's about my infaimous characters, Feadel and Claude, and how they end up as humans, and what choices they do in after life.

No End - one-shot manga by Miruna-Lavinia on deviantART

Ao no Exorcist: Night Fight doujinshi
 photo ao-no-exorcist-night-fight_zpsfeaf9e9b.jpg
buy it: http://www.mangashop.ro/made-in-ro/dojinshi/ao-no-exorcist-night-fight
In the woods, Mephisto is hot on his heels to prank Rin, and he gets clean, but revenge is closer than he thinks.

Ao no Exorcist - Night Fight doujinshi by Miruna-Lavinia on deviantART

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